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Recently I watched an episode of Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine.  The purpose of the show is to turnaround a fledgling restaurant on a budget of ten thousand dollars.  Obviously the key to any restaurant’s turnaround is the food.  Chef Irvine helps the restaurant’s owners come up with new menu ideas and offers his culinary expertise when it comes to quick flavorful dishes that can be easily replicated.  After the food, the Chef and his staff’s next focus on the restaurant’s signs.

In the episode that I watched, the restaurant Meglio’s, had outdated signs and menus from another restaurant.  Whether you are changing the food or just the style of restaurant, updated exterior signs, interior signs and menus are a must.  In many instances just updating signs and menus will give a restaurant a whole new feel and attract new customers.

Successful restaurant signs should illicit an almost Pavlovian response from viewers.  The keys to good restaurant signs are visibility, legibility and uniqueness.  Your sign should be a reflection of your restaurant and the food that you serve.  Signs are not only your best salesman, they work 7×24 and don’t require overtime pay, but they are an extension of your “culture”.

Whether your serving up the best chicken fried steak or the most delicate foie gras your signs and menus are crucial.  Exterior restaurant signs are typically illuminated channel letters and often include a pylon sign face.    Menu boards run from chalk boards to illuminated cabinets to digital signage.   Digital signage is increasing in popularity because it offers infinite flexibilty and the costs continue to drop.    In restaurants, signs are a feast for the eyes.

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