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sign deployment project chart“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Proper planning is the key to any successful endeavor.  Having a plan will keep you on track and also help troubleshoot problems.  Planning allows you to foresee upcoming obstacles.  In the sign business, there is plenty of reason to plan.  Commercial signs are custom.  The general manufacturing time for something custom is six to eight weeks.  Many customers call asking for a sign in a week and in most cases that is impossible.  Sign also need to be designed.  Typically there will be two weeks of revisions before a sign design is finalized.  Add this to production time and you are looking at two months or more for your sign.  Permitting also takes time.  Electrical signs and signs exposed to the public need to be permitted.  Each city is different with their permits.  Knowing your sign regulations beforehand can save you time and make sure your sign in compliant.  The next time factor is installation.  If you do not get on a company’s installation schedule early your sign may sit completed until the schedule opens up.  Knowing a company’s installation schedule is critical before starting the sign making process.  Another one of the biggest time wasters are changes.  Changes to your design can affect your timeline.  For example if you change the look of your sign, it may need to be re-permitted and re-designed. 

Knowing the elements of sign making and planning ahead will greatly reduce your stress and wasted time.  Make sure you have high resolution artwork and all of the sign regulations in your area, including your landlord’s requirements.  Always be prepared. 

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