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sign design austin tx, austin texas sign creationSign design can be a fun project for some business owners.  For others, it could be one of the most challenging parts of opening a new business.  Sign design is very important, a lot of thought and consideration should be placed into your sign design.

Some items to review include:

  • What do you wish to communicate?  Do you want to announce your business name?  Should the sign include the type of business?  Should the sign provide directions or point to the front door?  Should the sign encourage foot traffic to your business?  Keep your sign message clear and concise – do not attempt to communicate too much in one sign.
  • How visible should your sign be?  Should it be lighted so customers can see it at night?  How much contrast does there need to be between the background and lettering?  How large will your sign be?
  • How often should your sign be updated?  If you intend to keep the sign for several years, avoid trendy design that could be outdated quickly.  Also consider having digital displays that can be updated whenever you like.
  • Are there local restrictions or guidelines to consider?  Some local authorities may have signage specifications that should be followed.  Check in your local area for rules or ordinances that might apply to your business sign design.
  • What colors should be used? provides an informative listing about colors and what messages they can convey.  For example, a dark or bold blue sends the message of business confidence and professionalism.  Green can send a message of health or of an environmentally conscious business.  Yellow or orange can convey happiness or food related businesses.  The traditional black/white combination can still send a clear message.
  • Will the sign design be used for multiple locations?  What level of consistency would you want for multiple signs and locations?

By working with an experienced professional design company, your business can project the message needed to bring in customers while having a design that can endure for your business as it grows.


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