Signs Austin | Sign Foam Letters for Lobby and Building Signage


Sign Foam Letters are produced by cutting your design (either letters or a logo) from a flat sheet of high quality sign foam material using state-of-the-art cutting equipment.  Sign Foam letters can be produced in any typestyle or shape that can be routered. These quality dimensional letters will provide nice thick letter for your signage project at a lower cost than metal or acrylic.  Sign foam is available for both indoor and outdoor applications.   They are a great option for lobby signs and building signs.

The sign foam material thickness will obviously determine the “depth” of the finished letters. As you can see from the Zoom Room letters, the blue foam creates a “drop shadow” appearance for the foam letters. The more depth, the more of this effect on your sign. You can choose a variety of thicknesses and layers of sign foam can be stuck together to create even larger letters.  the letters below are 1-1/2″ of pink sign foam attached to 1-1/2″ of white sign foam with an acrylic face.   It gives real depth to large signs.

Sign foam letters are a cost effective solution for a wide variety of interior signage needs including retail POP signage, special event signage, temporary sign letters, and tradeshow displays. Foam letters can be used unpainted natural white or black or painted in a standard or custom color with either a matte or semi-gloss finish. Foam Letters are extremely lightweight, and are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes to serve all your signage and visual display needs.

Foam letters are also available with a metal and plastic laminate faces.  Metal faced letters are available in gold, silver, copper or bronze and can be ordered with a polished or brushed finish and the sides can be painted in any standard color.  Acrylic mirror faced letters add the reflective quality of mirror to a letter.  Acrylic faced letters are made by laminating Acrylic to the face of a Gator Foam substrate. The acrylic faces are backsprayed to give a deep shiny look. The sides can be painted any standard color. The letters are installed with double sided tape and adhesive.

There are many choices for materials for your sign.  Sign foam offers a wide variety of options at a reasonable cost.

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