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What sign is right for you?

Now that you have your logo and your building, the next step to your sign is determining what look and feel you want for it.  Picking the right materials for your sign is crucial.  Also, depending on the font, logo and intricacy of your sign some materials may not work.  For interior signs the main materials used are acrylics, brushed metals and foam polymers.


Brushed metals have a timeless look and feel to them.  Whether you are using bronze, aluminum or stainless steel your sign will never go out of fashion.  Many signs using metal letters and logos typically have a thin coat of clear sealant over them but still retain their metal finish.

If you are looking for an interior sign that displays the colors of your logo then using an acrylic may be the best option.  Acrylics can be cut to almost any shape and PMS or Pantone matched to your logo or lettering.  Since the acrylic is still a solid material you still get a more substantial feel than just painting or using vinyl for your logo.

If heft and substance is what you are looking for than using foam is the best option.  Gatorfoam is a common sign foam used for interior applications.  Like acrylic the foam can be PMS or Pantone matched to your logo.  Typically foam materials are cut 1” to 2” thick to give it depth.

A sign consultant will be able to work with you and help diagnose which material might be best for your sign.

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