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Signs are stationary advertisements for a mobile audience.  Unlike print and television ads, signs need to be able to capture the attention of a pre-occupied driver or pedestrian and convey a message.  One way to do this is with size.  There is a reason billboards are massive.  They need to draw the attention of drivers moving by at high speeds.  Billboards only have their audience’s attention for about 15 seconds.  This is not a lot of time to tell a driver who you are, what you do, and what you want them to do.

At 360 Signs we specialize in marketing to a mobile audience.  This is conveyed in building signs, wall graphics, interior signs and free standing signs.  We are experts in condensing your brand into a decipherable message.  This includes taking your two dimensional logo converting it to a three dimensional sign.  The implementation of your business message is critical when it comes to signage.  Signs are relaying a message 24/7, but if your audience doesn’t “get it,” the sign is not doing its job.  Your sign needs to act as a beacon for your target audience.  Not everyone needs your service or product.  So making sure the right passerby remembers who and what you are is critical.  I don’t always need office supplies, but when I do, I tend to remember the last Office Depot sign I’ve seen.  Sometimes when I see the Office Depot sign it triggers me to stop and go buy the supplies that I keep forgetting to pickup.  This is the response your sign is supposed to evoke.  Remember, react and respond are the three R’s to mobile signage.

360 Signs is your source for effective mobile advertising creation and implementation.  We make signs that get the right people to stop and act.

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