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There are many reasons why a sign is beneficial.  However, one of the most import reasons is return on investment.  A good sign should be one of your best salespersons.  Your sign doesn’t need to sleep, never takes vacations and says whatever you want.  Effective signs are revenue generators and should be looked at as such. 

RO return on investment, pile of money

Retail and businesses signs are an investment.  A sign costing twenty-five thousand dollars needs to be looked at in a different light than the store hours on your door.  Instead of viewing this as a payment for a sign, break it down as a financial investment.  While the initial investment is twenty-five thousand dollars the return may be much higher.  Your sign is giving you more exposure and delivering a strong message about your business which will lead to more traffic and ultimately more sales.  Consider an industry like gas stations and convenience stores.

Picture a gas station without a sign.  How visible would it be?


Without adequate signage they would be naked along the highway, sales would dry up.  What is the value of a sign like this?  A gas station sign can be a great sales tool.  With changeable LED pricing, a gas station’s sign is now differentiating it from the market.  How many times do we see gas stations next to each other with one having gas at a penny less.  While the savings are miniscule, the perceived value is much higher.    Plus, gas stations with LED pricing are perceived as more modern and clearner which attracts more customers.

Return on investment is the key to your business and your sign, don’t think of it as an expense, it is an investment that will pay-off for your business. 


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