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Is social media a networking savior or networking nightmare?  Over the last five years we have seen the rise of social media sites like Facebook and the fall of others like Myspace.  Almost every new piece of technology has social media websites pre-loaded on the device.  Smart phones and new televisions are geared towards the social media markets.  As access to Twitter and Facebook become more ubiquitous the consumer becomes more reliant on these outlets to communicate.  With hundreds of millions of users social media is crossing over from the consumer market to the business market.  Many of today’s businesses have their customers or clients following their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.  Businesses use Facebook and Twitter to relay news and information about their company to their core audience in real time.  While there are plenty of advantages to social media in the business world there are also many concerns.  Social media does not have a clear boundary between business and consumer.  Sometimes targeting your message to a small audience is a good thing.  Another downside to social media in the workplace is productivity.  While it is important to keep your business profile up and create weekly or daily posts, these activities should not be too time consuming.

While social media is a great way to increase your company’s message and track your consumers and clients, there are drawbacks.  Be careful what you post and also your interactions with clients or customers on these sites.  Also try to remember to limit the Twitter bombs as well.

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