Signs Austin | South by Southwest


Austin recently hosted the nation’s largest music, movies and multimedia event.  For a week in March, South by Southwest or SXSW takes over Austin.  People from all around the world come in for this event.  This is also one of the most sponsored events of its kind.  It is a mixture of Sundance, Austin City Limits, Comic-Con and E3.  With large parties, events, forums and more parties, signage is a must for the sponsors.

The Microsoft Windows Explore 9 launch party was truly a multimedia event.  They had event coordinators using Twitter and Facebook to spread a viral campaign for their party.  At the event there were extensive use of banners, pop-up displays and digital marketing.  While the digital marketing incorporating sound and video was the most impressive, the use of banner and pop-up displays was just as effective.

Also, during this SXSW one of the hottest things is the growing use of QR codes or matrix barcodes.  You might not know their name but you have definitely seen QR codes before.  Using a smart phone you can take a picture of a QR and it will take you to a specific webpage displaying information.  Or they can be scanned to provide information like airline e-tickets or even medical information.  Each QR code is unique and can be generated for free on different online sites.

Every year SXSW provides a great opportunity to see what is on the forefront of media, art and design.  Being a sign company this is also a great opportunity for us to try to incorporate these new technologies and ideas in our designs.

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