Signs Austin | The Value of Good Signs


Good signs incorporate design and marketing decisions creating the message, look, colors, sign types, sizes, quantities, etc. to create the required impact.  According to U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) research, many businesses that fail do so because of inadequate or improper signs!  Signage will be one of the most important business decisions you make.


Whether they are illuminated channel letters, neon signs, lighted sign cabinets, LED message centers, pole signs, pylon signs or monument signs, outdoor custom signs in front of your business are one of the least costly means of advertising your business. Signs are the most targeted advertising you can do according to the SBA, which also states that 85% of a  business’s sales usually come from within a 5 mile radius.  Your sign constantly advertises your business to potential customers who live, work or otherwise frequent the area you are located in.  A sign is an advertising expense; if you think a sign costs you money it is not doing its job.

 An example of how important a free-standing pylon sign can be to your business, consider a company that knows a thing or two about signs.  McDonald’s says that simply changing a monument sign in front of one of their stores to a pylon sign increases the store’s business 15%.  Another fast-food chain, What-a-burger, describes a store in Texas where they were unhappy with the sales volume.  By removing their brand new pylon sign and installing one that was 40% larger the store saw a volume increase of 23% the day after installation, and sales of exceeded the previous months for more than 5 years in a row.

 The SBA also states that an LED Message Center increases store volume by 15 – 150%.  Purchasing the right sign for the job helps a business thrive by bringing higher visibility and higher awareness which almost always translates into higher sales.

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