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Channel letters are one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available.  They can be seen in shopping malls on many office buildings and lots of restaurants. Channel letters come in a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles, and LED or Neon illumination.

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There are three ways a Channel letter can be utilized,

1.      Individual (surface mounted as individual letters mounted directly to the wall)

2.      Raceway (mounted to a rectangular box that is mounted to the wall)

3.      Mounted to a sign cabinet face (large sign cabinet that is mounted to the wall)

Historically, all channel letters were neon illuminated. Now you have two options when considering how your sign will be illuminated. LED illuminated channel letters are energy efficient, low power, and low maintenance compared to neon illuminated ones. The small module design of an LED system virtually eliminates breakage as well. LED channel letters provide the opportunity to create savings over a period of time, even though the initial cost of this product can be a little higher than neon letters depending on the color. Some advantages of Neon are purely aesthetic. Neon illumination has a certain warm glow that many argue LED has yet to match. This is particularly true for reverse and front/back lit channel letter signs. Neon’s 360 degree illumination is very easy on the eyes when used with front/back lit letters. LED’s focused “light cone” is not as good with these letter types.

Channel Letters are a highly effective form of advertisement and can be shaped to any letter style or logo.  It is visible during the day and even more visible at night. A properly designed channel letter sign can effectively communicate your message for many years.


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