Signs Austin | Tired Signs


Occasionally we find a sign that begs to be retired.   It has served well for many years and seen more seasons that it cares to count.  It has welcomed people to the neighborhood for 10 years or more.  It has withstood countless weed whackers, dogs, and kids, but really its toughest adversary is the weather.   Sun, rain, cold, hot, wind and more wind day after day, month after month, year after year.   It was a beautiful sign once, but it has weathered and faded and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes when people replace signs like this they go for a whole new look.  They can use different materials, different sizes or completely different fonts.  But other times the best replacement is a brand new version of the old sign.

This is a sandblasted wood sign that has been painted and mounted on wood posts.  The background color changed to match the new paint on the buildings.  One day a tired sign; the next day brand new.  The residents surely did a double take.


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