Signs Austin | Top Four Advantages of Window Perf



UV Protection

A benefit of having this material on your window is UV protection. Window perf blocks up to 50% of the sun’s UV rays. These rays are responsible for fading vehicle interiors and heating the cab. Window perf will keep your vehicle cooler and preserve the interior from fading.


Because these graphics prevent outside viewing, you will enjoy a dramatic increase in privacy. When used on storefront windows you can not only create advertising space but also prevent people seeing into your store which works great if you dont want your work space open to the outside world, or for use on your car to prevent unwanted eyes seeing the inside of your vehicle.


Perforated window graphics are printed using UV resistant ink and can be laminated for even more durability. When properly cared for window perf can last for three years or more without fading. The perforated window film is even brushfree carwash safe meaning it is easier than ever to maintain, making it last as long as you need it has never been so hassle free!


The installation process depending on the size of the window can be quick and easy. When applying window perf to car windows the extra material is trimmed into the door allowing full use of your power windows. When applied properly there is virtually no stretching of even the most intricate designs, this allows you to print whatever you want on this material and it will look great!

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