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You see them more every day. Digital signs are helping companies and organizations communicate key information to their customers at the right place and time. Whether it is at the airport, or in a business, digital signs use compelling displays of video, text, and graphics to get your attention and get you a message. With digital signage, your company can use this powerful technology to share information with your customers and “talk” to them when they are right in front of your business.










Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in public and private environments and are widely used in retail stores and corporate buildings.   Daktronics, of Brookings, SD, is a leading supplier of LED displays for many venues such as airports, gas stations, and stadiums.








Digital signage delivers information that is relevant and useful in a format that is attractive and enticing to the user.  Displaying custom content that communicates your message easily and more effectively, digital signage increases visitor interaction and ultimately increases customer retention and ROI (Return on Investment)

Six Popular Uses of Digital Signage:

  • Way finding – used anywhere where mapping can efficiently guide visitors and guests: hotels, conference centers, universities, casinos and corporate campuses.  Great for directory signs.
  • Restaurant Menus – digitally display menu items and allow for easy changes and updates
  • Flight Arrival & Departure Live Information -used frequently in hotel lobbies to alert guests of flight delays or changes, great for keeping guests on property
  • Event Listings & Schedules – great for any environment where events and scheduling are a priority: hotels, conference centers, hospitals, corporate settings, and universities.
  • Meeting Room Signs – show individual meetings per room as well as local information
  • Conference Area Signage -meeting room signs, way finding, and event listings are very popular in any conference center and operationally support convention center staff

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