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Touch Screen Way Finding Signs:

There is a growing interest in touch screen directory signs otherwise known as digital “way finding” signs. This technology is fairly new to the sign industry but is quickly gaining acceptance due to its effectiveness and flexibility.

With the ability to not only direct your clients and customers to their destination but also keep them informed of the day’s news, weather, and traffic status this new technology is truly an asset to the look and feel of your facility.  This new display system utilizes the latest in flat screen display technology that can be directly connected to the internet to provide state-of-the-art solutions custom tailored to meet specific site requirements.   Graphics can include building, campus, and neighborhood maps with specific step-by-step directions for the user.

Site maps are created by the system supplier and like the rest of the system can be bi-lingual.   Way finding, visitor processing, and communicating current pertinent information are all benefits to your visitors.  These signs will help route visitors more efficiently and their impression of your facility will be enhanced by the experience. Unlike static directory displays, interactive touch screen displays allow visitors to search for their destination like they would on a PC.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, of Crofton, MD (  is a leading solution provider of touch screen technology.  They provide complete way finding solutions.   Partnering with local sign companies like 360 Signs, they can create complete turn-key solutions that include local installation and support.

The ability to update these systems real time via your network is a benefit to visitors because the information is always up to date.  Changes are so easy that is makes your staff more efficient .   Static signage costs time and money while they are created and then become an eyesore when they become obsolete.

The growing number of tenants and the frequent changes to a lobby’s strip directory,  can be a tedious headache to manage.  Once you install a touch screen solution, the feedback that you will receive from tenants and visitors will be positive, further generating traffic to your location.


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