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Being unique allows you to stand out in a crowd.  The city of Austin utilizes their distinct characteristics to attract businesses and residence.  Local businesses do the same by creating one of a kind signage.

Driving through Austin, you will notice many of its iconic signs.  If you are driving down South Congress, the Austin Motel stands out on the strip.  While the area around the Austin Motel has changed drastically over the last ten years, the sign remains.

On the opposite side of town lies Top Notch, another Austin icon.  This sign became famous after the movie Dazed and Confused.  The restaurant opened in 1971, and the sign remains a beacon along Burnet Rd.  Also along Burnet Rd lies The Frisco, a classic Austin food establishment for over sixty years.  While the location has moved over the years the same sign remains out front.  Downtown Austin has morphed from State Capital and college town to a bustling business and residential center.  As the City changes, many downtown landmarks remain.  They are easy to spot due to their unique signage.  The Paramount & State theaters retain their Vaudevillian charm with their original marquee signs.  Newer businesses moving into Austin are continuing with this theme and are creating unique signage.

Commercial signs not only create visibility for customers, but they also represent longevity.  360 Signs is committed to keeping Austin weird and producing signs that allow your company to stand out.  If you are thinking of creating an icon give 360 Signs a call.

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