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Is the customer always right?  No, but that’s of little help when it comes to making signs.  When something is misspelled, the wrong size, or the wrong color, whose responsibility is it?  Do you really know what your client wants, what they expect and what you are really providing?

Let’s say you’ve received the art work from a client and your graphic department prepares a proof; it’s sent back to the client who provides their approval.  Then the project goes to print. Once printing is complete, the fabrication department is handed the work order and a sign is born. Now the project is ready for installation.   It all sounds perfect.  Several days after the sign is installed you get a call from the client, there is a misspelling on their otherwise seemingly perfect sign. Ugh…. the project file is pulled and there on the customer’s art work as well as the signed proof is the gross infraction.

Guess what, it doesn’t really matter that the misspelling was there all along.  Who are the “sign experts”?  In the court of popular opinion will the blame point to the end user or the sign maker? The client supplied the artwork and approved the proof, you could technically be off the hook, but are you?

The devil is in the details! Read and double-check those work orders, verify with your client that this is exactly the way they want it, everything is spelled correctly, the colors are clearly identified, the size is verified, the medium is appropriate for the client’s needs.  Pay close attention, create a detailed process, make sure the staff understands the importance of following the process and be mindful to read everything, re-read it, have a co-worker verify and know what your client wants for every project. These procedures are critical, less than 100% compliance will result in an unpleasant result. Even times when the client rushes you must still be diligent and take the time to stop, analyze, scrutinize, and follow the procedures.   You will save money and clients.

Here’s to happy endings!


photo courtesy of sylvar

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