Signs Help Restaurant Chains Expand Their Brand


Building a strong brand is a challenging task. In addition to attracting clients and delivering customer satisfaction, restaurant owners have to manipulate a host of factors to be successful. One of the latest trends is social media marketing, but one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal has been used for ever in the restaurant business: signage.

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If you want boost your brand’s presence using restaurant signs, here are some of the things you need to know:

Signs as Communication Media

When you choose to integrate restaurant signs in your marketing plan, there are a number of factors you must think about. Primary is the purpose of your signs. Your signs must be specially crafted to communicate the intended message to your clients and prospective clients. The design of your signs and the message should appeal to the target audience.   Because of the nature of signs, the message needs to be simple, easy to understand, and have an impact on the reader.

Signs as Focal Points

Compared to other marketing tools, signs are often more effective. Apart from increasing a brand’s awareness, signs help to boost sales in the long run.  The effectiveness of signs is however, not always automatic.  You must place restaurant signs in places where most of your potential clients can see them to generate more interest in your products and services.  In some cases the owner does have have flexibilty in the positioning of their signage and should take full advantage of exposure opportunities.    Pylon and pole signs are particularly important since signage near the road is highly visible.

Signs as Representatives

Sometimes owners put up restaurant signs and they almost forget about them. This should not be the case. Signs should always be maintained, redesigned or replaced. Taking care of signs always gives your potential clients the impression that you care about your business and your clients. Impressive signs also send a message about your restaurant.  Whether the restaurand is upscale or broad market, signs can communicate the style of your restaurant or even daily specials.  This in turn translates to higher sales and customer return rates.


Signs are crucial marketing tools.   They are the most cost effective method of reaching prospects in terms of cost per thousand views.  In addition to boosting your sales and brand popularity, an effective signage marketing campaign will also help you to reinforce other advertising efforts, attract new customers, alter customer purchasing habits and generate repeat business. To fully benefit from your signage marketing campaign, you should make proper use of indoor and outdoor restaurant signs and increase your chances of attracting more clients.


  1. Excellent Tom. I also think fast service restaurants should consider a graphic of their primary menu item (like a hamburger or hot dog) on the sign, as your example photo does. That give the sign even more punch – the consumer does not even have to read to understand what the business does. They see the food image, and it is done.

  2. Sign is an essential way for promoting your business and specially for restaurant’s because by a sign you can express what you gona serve the customers, as a message to the customers.

  3. Nice post. Signs can attract customer’s attention and therefore can impact business success.
    It is a challenge to new business owners how to make their signs stand out, and that requires a smart and cost-effective way to do it.

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