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A long time ago the Super Bowl used to be about a football game.  Today’s Super Bowl is about sponsorship, visibility, and advertisements.  The half time performer and the first commercial are as important as the teams playing the game.  Being in the sign business watching the Super Bowl and the events leading to it are a great way to see emerging sign technology being implemented. 


The numerals for this year’s Super Bowl are actually rear projected “channel letters”.  The letters themselves house the projector while the faces are a transparent fabric.  This is very similar to projected images on vinyl film.



Above is a view of the letters during the day.  With the ambient day light the letters are not as visible during the day. 


printed window graphics

Window graphics were also used on a large scale.  Building graphics for an event like this are a perfect way to gain exposure on many levels.  The building was seen during just about every city shot and throughout the Super Bowl broadcast itself. 

large printed window graphics

More window graphics were used in conjunction with the stadiums front lit channel letters.  The stadium also has large temporary banners installed on either side of the glass façade.  While the scales of these signs are massive, the installation methods do not change.

large printed window graphics installation

As you can see an installation crew installs the window graphics pane by pane.

The Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in the United States and the signage needs to be on par with the event.  I am anxious to see what the Olympics bring this summer.

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