Five Reasons That Starting a Restaurant is Hard Work


Everyone loves food. And at some point many people have dreamed of owning a restaurant. It seems so perfect, right? Mixing your love for food and cooking with the joy of entertaining guests and being social.

But while owning a restaurant is certainly rewarding, there is more to it than just hiring a manager and mingling with your guest. As many successful franchise owners and operation managers can attest, the tasks that go into creating a successful dining business can be difficult at best. Let’s look at some of the challenges of owning and operating a restaurant business:

Creating a concept and name

When choosing a concept and name for your food service endeavor, you must consider several things: 1) The regional location of your business; 2) the demographics of your customers; and 3) the type of food you want to serve (ethnic, comfort, healthy, etc.) Choosing a name and concept (or buying a franchise) that meets all three of these is the goal.

Site selection of your business

Choosing the right site for your restaurant is also vital to a thriving business. You need it to be easily visible and accessible. So making sure your establishment is in a heavily trafficked area of town (with good parking) is absolutely key.   Tenant reps from Commercial Real Estate firms can help, then of course you need a Lawyer to review all of the paperwork.

Constructing the right establishment

Unless you are buying an established food service business, building or redesigning a good space can be costly and difficult. But keep in mind, the atmosphere of your place can be key to your customer enjoyment and to your future success.   You will have to hire a General Contractor to manage construction, electrical, and all of the buildout.   If you are a buying a franchise, then much of the interior buildout will be specified for you.   Don’t forget the City, permits can add weeks to the processs.

Hiring the right people

Choosing the right management and staff may be one of the most challenging things for owners. You want servers who are a combination of smart, friendly and flexible. And you want managers you can absolutely trust to handle the business when you’re away.   This is an area where your time investment can really pay off.   Staffing and training your team will pay dividends every day.

These are just a few of challenges of buying and running a franchise, or starting a restaurant for scratch. When you add these to the challenges of keeping up with health regulations and other standards, getting the right Point of Sales system in place, Audio/Vidoe and other tasks, you’ll quickly understand that it’s not all fun and games. Along with the enjoyment of restaurant ownership comes a lot of hard work and smart strategy.

In the end, having a successful food business that you enjoy is well worth the big struggle to get there.

One area I haven’t mentioned is signage.   Signs are critical to the success of every restaurant.    Successful signs require good design, they must be compliant,  they have to be built to quality specifications, and professionally installed.   Managing signs can take a lof of your time which can distract you from the core business issues of staffing, training, and promoting your restaurant.    Partnering with a company like 360 Signs that specializes in franchise and chain signs can save you valuable time and money.   Let the experts help you make your signs pay-off for you.

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