The Importance of Sign Design


Having your business sign fit your surroundings is extremely important. Signs are an architectural addition as much as they are an advertisement. Hyde Park Wellness is located in a 1930’s style Bungalow home. To keep with the theme of the home we used a wood backer panel opposed to aluminum. Also, we incorporated a hand painted elements with the vinyl print. The value of proper signage was shown to be immediately effective. The owner stated, “While your installation team was wrapping up the project a passerby stopped to ask about the services Hyde Park Wellness provided!”

Hyde Park Wellness sign installed on the 1930’s Bungalow style home.

While Hyde Park Wellness was an example of a sign blending with 1930’s style; the Cooper Union sign is amodern version of this.

The Cooper Union is an example of extreme modern architecture. The building lettering reflects not only the materials of the building but also incorporates the structures angles.

When designing a sign always be aware of the architectural style and elements of the building. A good sign fits with its environment.

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