What the Heck is Vinyl Anyway


What is vinyl?  Vinyl is a generic name for organic chemical compounds derived from ethylene.  The compounds that make up ethylene are Carbon and Hydrogen (together they make hydrocarbons).  Vinyl gets its name from the latin word Vinum, which translates to wine.  The wine reference is due impart to ethyl alcohol which is another hydrocarbon.  Because of vinyl’s simplistic chemical compound it can be manipulated easily.  This allows for vinyl’s wide range of uses.

In the sign business, vinyl is used on almost every sign made.  Banners are printed on vinyl, illuminated signs often have translucent vinyl faces, window and car graphics are vinyl, and on and on…  Like any other product vinyl technology has advanced over the years.  Today many vinyl uses are not  are not recognizable.  Many of today’s high quality wood and metal laminates are actually vinyl.  Vinyl’s have also replaced paint for many applications.  Car wraps, billboards, building graphics and even the lines on a basketball court are vinyl.

Recently we have been using brushed aluminum vinyl to replicate the look of actual aluminum.  The brushed aluminum vinyls even have a metallic like sheen to them.

Vinyl continues to evolve and more and more applications are available.   A vast majority of signs have at least some vinyl in them.



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