Why Retail Signs Are Critical To Your Survival



With the dynamic needs of business changing constantly, some may question the need for retail signage. With more and more of our commerce happening in a virtual sense, it seems as though something like retail signs could almost be something of an afterthought.This thought logic is fundamentally flawed and can lead to under-utilization of proper signage at a business location. 

Value of signage: One of the real benefits of good signage is its ability to open up dialogue for your business before the customers even enter your store. Quality signage delivers concise communication, primes the customer for whatever it is you’re going to deliver once inside, and reflects your business in a positive manner before they’ve even entered the store. Quality retail signs can be the difference between someone walking in stimulated or someone walking away without a second look.

Cost benefits of signage: If you have three business locations, and they all have different looking retail signs which have been catered to the whims of the managers or the aesthetic of the neighborhood, how is your business ever going to stand out?  If you have a strong, identifiable image your product can be picked out anywhere. The benefits of being able to give your business a brand identity can’t be overstated.

Create signs that pay-off: Once you’ve decided to invest in new signage your business should consider quality. Your signs should be professionally crafted and they should be able to be replicated for all your different and future locations. It’s often the simplest which is the best and signs which can succinctly convey your message promise to pay-off the most.

Retail signs reflect your businesses’ brand identity. Like the red and white Coca-Cola swoosh or the yellow golden arches; these signs should be universal and immediately recognizable anywhere in the country.


  1. Excellent points Tom. I’d add that professional signage is 24/7 advertising – it never stops generating awareness and brand image. An integral part of an effective brand image marketing program.

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