Your Signage Should Reflect Your Brand


There is a great documentary about the inventor of the Jelly Belly.  The invention of the Jelly Belly is a great parable of branding and signage.  For Jelly Belly to stand out it needed to be different. 

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Before the advent of Jelly Belly, jelly beans were bland lumps of unflavored corn starch.  To differentiate its self Jelly Belly decided to make their beans with bright colors and flavors.  They also used familiar colors with their brand, yellow and red.  They also used a cursive font that is both legible and playful.  Using the combination of font, identifiable colors and flavor they were able to create their brand.  When creating a brand these are the elements to a successful one.  The colors are the staples of food ( see McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Pizza Hut and In-and-Out).  Also, the color of the candy themselves are different than the competition.  Again, the concept of the candy itself is not different, but the color and tastes separates it.  Think of your business like the jelly bean.  The exterior of your business is yours to differentiate it from the rest.  This includes your building’s façade and signage.  Also, make sure the exterior theme is carried inside as well.  It is important that your exterior and your interior signage is congruent.  What Jelly Belly did was brand itself as the best and most innovative jelly bean.  When thinking of your brand and signage remember the jelly bean. 


  1. Tom—very impressive article I must say. The documentary Candyman:the David Klein Story is about how I used my last 800.00 to establish Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. I was Mr. Jelly Belly from 1976-1980 . In 1980 I received a call from my contract manufacturer. They were coming to town and were not going to leave without the ownership of the Jelly Belly trademark. With a check of 1000.00 and a promise to pay us out of sales for a 20 year period they took over the trademark. Slowly but surely my name was erased from the history of this product. Go to and click on company history on the bottom. I am referred to as a candy distributor from Los Angeles….This was the only reason the documentary was made—so that my grandkids would know the truth. Next week my new jelly bean will be introduced. It is called David’s Signature and it is Beyond Gourmet. Thank you david klein

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